Weekly Resource Capacity Planning Excel Template

Need resource capacity planner in excel worksheet template, so download sample for PM planning in better way. Now even be more productive and efficient through setting goals for your team member which ensure maximum allocation of available resources in the company. When plans are actually prepared and milestones are set for the project, a document weekly capacity planning is helpful and it is prepared in excel template for maximum user friendly support.

If numbers of projects are being worked upon, they are even more difficult to be managed efficiently; however this sheet help you better manage all the projects.

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Weekly Capacity Planning Excel Template Features

No need to buy any expensive software, as this template holds the following features:

Project of any type can be fit well in this sheet.

  • Whether any simple project is being worked upon or planning is required for any complex project, each project can fit well in the template.
  • If single project is worked upon or multiple projects are in progress, tracking and planning for all is simple.
  • Always be aware of the assets utilized and free assets anytime.

Resource utilization and free resources all can be monitored through single sheet.

  • To fully utilize all resources determination of them is important.
  • Complex deadlines can be met easily and efficiently through proper planning.
  • Your project team will be more productive, once challenging goals are set for them.

Weekly Capacity Planning Spreadsheet Sheet

This template consists of single spreadsheet; however it is basically split up into two parts, table part and pie chart. It consists of:

  • Projects Names
  • Delivery Date
  • List of deliverables
  • Description and note
  • Delivery method
  • Departments being involved.

Once all these details are added a pie chart is available for showing utilized capacity of the departments involved in production and more specifically the type of assets. Plans are then prepared and implemented accordingly.

Review some sample of capacity planner excel template for project management documentation completely.



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