VBA Split Function

VBA Split Function is an essential tool for performing multiple operations entailing string functions in your computer. As per its name, the word ‘Split’ implies ‘divide’ or ‘break into pieces’. VBA Split Function performs the same operation. It splits the information in many pieces, usually in binary form, and transfers it from one place to another in the splitted structure.

In this way, it becomes easier for the information or code to travel and to execute. Hence, the Split Function can be defined as a function that splits the code or text into delimiter pieces or chunks. It carries all these pieces and coveys the command to the system, hence executes the code.

VBA split Function

A Split Function:

A Split function has this general format and appears like:

Split(code_here, separator)

In this function, the first part represented by ‘code here’ denotes the code which is broken into pieces by this function. The second part ‘separator’ represents the specific character that you want to execute. You can also add a limit to this function. Limit is used for of restricting the splits or pieces that are splitted by this function. Comparison tool can also be used with it which is also a distinct function itself.


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