Unlock Protected Worksheets Workbooks {Spreadsheet Excel}

A protected Excel spreadsheet has locked cells and you cannot edit them. Open sheet without Password is little bit tricky but not impossible. In order to edit the cell, you will first have to unlock the spreadsheet and unprotect the cells. You can enable security for the spreadsheet for certain users if you want to protect the data in certain cells of the worksheet.

Unlock cells in a worksheet of Excel Spreadsheet

ExcelTimes.com, the team of excel expert resolve any issue regarding different excel version even 2013 easily. If the spreadsheet is protected then, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Reviewsection and then, go to the Changes Here you will find ‘Unprotect Sheet’ option. Click it. It will unprotect the sheet.
  2. You will need to insert the password if the spreadsheet asks for it.
  3. Use the Select All option to select the whole spreadsheet.
  4. Go to Homesection, in Font group, select Format Cell Font. It will open a new dialog box. You can also use CTRL+SHIFT+F or CTRL+1 shortcut for opening it.
  5. Go to the Protectionoption and uncheck Locked checkbox option. Click OK in the opened dialogue box. It will unprotect all cells of the spreadsheet.

Unlock Excel Spreadsheet

Lock certain cells in a worksheet:

To unlock certain cells of a worksheet, you need to first select the cells that you require to lock. Then, you need to open the dialog box by either going to the Home tab or by using the shortcut as mentioned above in Step 4. Then, you need to go to Protection tab where you will have to check the checkbox named ‘Locked’. Press OK after you enable the Locked option in the checkbox. It will lock the cells which you had selected earlier.

Protect the worksheet:

To protect the worksheet, you need to go to the Review option and then to the Changes options. Choose the ‘Protect Sheet’ option here. It will apply protection on the spreadsheet.


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