Teacher To Do List Printable Template

Teachers need to undertake several tasks when attending school for teaching students of elementary, middle or high classes. They have to pursue their tasks in an organized manner else it becomes difficult for them to accomplish all of them.

A To Do List can help the teachers to arrange their tasks so as to use their time wisely to keep themselves focused and deeply involved with improving the intellectuals of their students. Here are a few things which a teacher has to manage in school:

Teacher To Do List

  • Give lectures;
  • Organize Guest Lectures;
  • Take Exams
  • Arrange and take frequent Tests;
  • Check Exams;
  • Arrange Parent-Teacher meeting;
  • Give special attention to dull students; etc.

The ‘To Do List’ is especially helpful in managing the details of each of above tasks as the details of each can be written on the list as well as the time and deadline of each can also be mentioned.



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