Suppliers Evaluation Form Template Excel

Looking for printable form in MS excel or Word format? so download some sample for assessment performance of supplier. The form entailing the assessment checks of suppliers is called Suppliers Evaluation Form. It is used for assessing the supplier’s ability to control the quality and quantity of the product. The suppliers’ ability to maintain same price of the product is also termed in this form. Hence, it acts as a tool for assessing the performance of a supplier.

Importance of Suppliers Evaluation Template

The suppliers have essential importance in a company as they regulate its supply chain department. They render the opportunities of competitive advantage of a company in a specific region after assessing certain factors like needs of people, demand of substitutes, etc. of a product in a region.

Therefore, it is essential that their performance must be evaluated through some tool. Their evaluation leads to improvements in the supply chain circle as well as in product development. It promotes productivity and transparency in the organization that is providing goods to the people through its commercial suppliers.


Essentials of a Supplier Evaluation Form

Dr. Robert Handfield suggested that there are four essential components of a supplier evaluation form, which are necessary to be evaluated by every organization. These are:

  1. Cost Control
  2. Deliverance
  3. Quality
  4. Servicing

Some organization might also take into account the ‘Quantity’ and ‘Competitive Pricing’ into this list. Some might prefer including the ‘Preferences of Customers’ at the top of this list. It depends upon the firm that what factors it focuses upon for delivering its products and services to its customers in the best possible manner.



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