Spreadsheet Size in Excel for Mac

It is generally considered that a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet along with an XLS file annex has around 256 columns and 65,635 or 65336 rows in it; however, this claim is incorrect especially for devices other than Mac. You might believe the aforementioned number as total number of columns and rows in an Excel spreadsheet when you are using Excel on a Mac; nevertheless, you cannot estimate this number when you are using a desktop computer or any other tech device other than Mac.

Usually, an Excel 97-2003 sheet in the .xls format in Excel 2010 or in 2007 opens in a compatibility mode. The compatibility mode can be seen at the top bar of an Excel window screen and it adjusts the total number of rows and columns that can be viewed by you on your Excel window.

Spreadsheet size in Excel 14.0 release for Mac

It is possible that you might get the 65,536 number of rows and 256 columns in Excel worksheet in 14.0 release of Excel in the Windows Operating System (32-bit) or in its old version of NT 6.01 in the pcdocs system. This number of rows and columns is true only for the aforementioned Windows system and format of Excel. Sometime due to default installation of excel 2011 version for Mac this issue happen.

The number can also be estimated by using the formula of Rows= ROWS (A: A) or by using Columns= COLUMNS (1:1). You can use these formulas and some others like Last Cell Address =ADDRESS (Rows, Columns, 4) or OS Version =INFO (“OSVERSION”) in the compatibility mode of Excel.

Size in Spreadsheet in Excel

Microsoft Excel and XLS files in Mac

Microsoft Excel does not open XLS files in Mac versions of 2008 and 2011. The limited number of rows and columns also does not subsist in Excel in these versions of Mac. You get a new spreadsheet with larger size if you open an XLS file in Excel 08 and 11 in these Mac versions. Hence, you can get as many rows and columns in an Excel sheet. No restriction of 65,536 numbers of rows applies in this version.

This appears in complete conflict to the Excel 14.0, Excel 2010 and 2007 versions in Mac which has limited number of rows and columns. Therefore, one cannot generalize that Excel spreadsheet has a specific number of rows and columns in Mac; this statement is true for 2008 and 2011 versions of Mac, but it is inapplicable for other versions of Mac.

Due to this very reason, we get contradictory claims about number of rows and columns in Excel in Mac. One should remember the above explained fact into account prior to reaching any generalized assumption about Excel rows and columns limitations in Mac.

65337th row in Excel in Mac:

If you want to insert some item in the 65337th row, which is one above the generally perceived last row in Excel in Mac, then a message will appear on the Excel screen for those Excel formats that does not support XLS files.

The message will ask you to save your file in any format other than XLS. You can simply save your file in XLSX format and it will display you a newer Excel sheet with an extended size of above 65336 rows. The compatibility mode will work for you in this regard.

Choose Excel > Preferences > Compatibility

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