Setting of Regional Date Formats in Excel

The date format in Excel is displayed as m/d/yyyy in the US style. This explains the date format as Months/Days/Years to be shown in the date. On the other hand, the date format of UK in Excel follows dd/mm/yyyy, that is, it is written as Days/Months/Years.

Default Date Format in Excel

The natives living in US get their computers set on a default date format that follows US date styling. However, many other formats will also be available in their computer and they can change the date format in the style they prefer. In this regard, the default date formats are shown to begin with asterisk (*) in the date format settings option as it is shown below:

Upon selecting the asterisk (*) marked date styling, it will show your Excel date in your regional date format. Moreover, if you send your Excel file to someone in UK while you are in US, the date will get displayed in UK format automatically to the file recipient in UK. This is the benefit of using default date format setting.

On the other hand, if you do not want to let the Excel file to adjust its date format automatically according to the region of the person to whom you send it, then you do not have to use the asterisk (*) marked date styles. Using the date formats of other than asterisk (*) ones, no change will take place in the date format whether you send your Excel file to any region.

Regional Setting in Excel

Change the Region in Windows

You can also change your location or region displayed by your Windows computer. Upon changing the region in it, the Windows will adjust its date format according to the region which you have just named and the Microsoft Excel will follow the same changes. You can change the region by first clicking the Windows Start button, selecting the Control Panel, clicking on the Clock, and simply changing the region as per your desired preferences. You will also find the option for changing the time, date, and format in your computer and can make changes as per your preferences.

An image of the settings dialogue box for changing the language, region, and date is shown below:

You must select “Apply” and then, “OK” to implement your changes that you have made in for adjusting the time, date, region, and language in your computer.

It is interesting to note that the dates you had previously mentioned in any of your Excel file will automatically get displayed in the new format that you have just adjusted in.

Customize Date Format

You can also use customize the date format by using the Customize format option in your computer. The dialog box of Customize format is shown below:


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