Sample of Salary Slip Format Template of Word

The Salary slip template is used for recording the salary details of an employee. The employers keep this slip with them as a proof that an employee has received the salary. The employees are asked to sign the salary slip during or immediately after they receive their salary. They can request the employer to provide them a copy of salary slip whenever they require the need to get the slip.

For instance, when an employee is applying to some higher post or is requesting for his transfer or for many other reasons, then the salary slip is required for authentication. A salary slip also contains the necessary details of an employee; for instance, his full name, complete address with postal box number, job details, employer name, and the amount of salary that the employee receives from the employer.

Features of a Salary Slip Format in Word

Making a salary slip format is not difficult; however, authentication is required for this purpose. That is, the salary slip is not complete without the official stamp and signatures of the employer. Among the other details, it contains the amount of salary received by the employer needs to be mentioned in numbers as well as in words.

The date with particular mention of month and year is also included. In this regard, the allowances offered by the employer organization are also required to be mentioned in the salary slip; for instance, the medical allowance, conveyance or fuel allowance, and all other categories of allowances that add to the basic salary of the employee are mentioned with details in addition to mentioning the basic salary of an employee.

Salary Slip Format

Different System in Organization for Keeping Record

If the employee is receiving the salary in the form of cheque, then the name of the bank is also mentioned in the slip. On the other hand, if the salary is transferred online to the bank account of the employee, then the account number of the employee is mentioned in the slip. In this regard, correct account number must be mentioned on it.

Furthermore, a pay slip format also contains the deductions for instance, the provident fund, salary taxes, loans, etc. The deductions section is included at the right hand side of the salary slip. The net total of the deductions is subtracted from the Gross salary of the employee to achieve the net salary which the employee receives from the employer organization.

Sample Templates of Salary Slip

You can get free templates of salary slip from the internet. These are available on different blogs or websites. You can use them for making salary slips of your employees or you can also use an MS Excel spreadsheet for this purpose. All you have to do is to mention the required necessary details in the slip and it will be ready for your use.



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