Sample of Employee Warning Letter Template

Check out employee warning letter format in MS word template for maintains decorum in organization. This is a letter style format that is used for sending warnings to an employee in case the employee is on the verge of breaching code of conduct of the company. The warning letter is drafted in a general letter format; however, in this regard, some companies might prefer using their own letter pads for drafting the warning letters.

They include their company logo and company name at the top of the letter. This authenticates the letter and the employee takes it seriously upon receiving it.

Format of Employee Warning Letter Template

MS Word document format is used for drafting the warning letter. In this regard, as far as the general format of a piece is concerned, it entails some characteristics that highlight its significance. For instance, it contains the name and logo of the company that is sending the warning letter to the employee.

In this regard, complete name, designation, and contact details of the employee to whom the warning letter is given, are also included in the document. The reason for sending warning is also included with a very brief description of the violation for which the warning letter is sent to the employee.Here i upload another same template “name” employee disciplinary form.

The official stamp and signature of the designated authority that is sending warning to the employee is also taken on the WL. Usually, it is either the Human Resource Manager or the Supervisor of the employee whose signatures and stamp is included on the warning letter.

Employee Warning Letter

Sample Templates of Warning Letter

If you have never viewed format, then you can search it on the INTERNET and can view sample templates of this. You can also find customized pads that may contain all the information that is generally included on this. The customized letter templates will give you a good idea that how the format of a warning letter really is and what specific information is included in the letter. Each terms and condition about company, an employee should be aware through information form, which design must for keep inform about company rules.

If you are a Human Resource Manager, then you can download some good sample templates and can use them as EWL after editing them and making necessary changes in them. It will save your significant amount of time as you would not have to create any new design of this letter format.You can send warnings to your employees whenever you find that they happen to breach certain policies that have been developed by you.

Benefits of using Letter for Company Management:

  • The employees take it seriously working in the company and work diligently.
  • The employees avoid making violations of rules and policies of the company
  • The employees follow discipline when working in the company as they know that any violation would cause them to receive WL.

Download Warning Letter template sample through ExcelTimes.com for keep intact with maintain discipline in entire organization.


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