Sales Receipt Template in Excel Format

A sales receipt template is used for presenting the total amount of sales to a customer against the amount paid or payable by the customer for acquiring the products sold.MS excel as a document formats been use for many years, so check out few samples now. It is actually a payment receipt and entails the bill for a product or service that is either ordered or acquired by the customer.

Once the product is ordered by the customer, the seller makes the sales receipt and delivers it to the customer. The monthly sales reporting template acts as a legal proof of ordering of service by the customer. Once the receipt reaches to the customer, it acts as a legal proof that the customer has acquired the product and has agreed to all the terms and conditions of acquiring the product.

Sales Receipt Template Excel

Features of A Sales Receipt Template

You must maintain daily sales for track the financial objects.A sample sales receipt contains certain features and information that is necessary to be mentioned on the receipt to authenticate the sales. For your information, a sales receipt contains these features:

  • Name of the seller company is mentioned at the top of the receipt.
  • Date of sales is mentioned at the top right corner of the receipt.
  • Name of the customer can also be written either on the top or bottom corner of it.
  • The central section of the receipt contains the description of the product or service that is sold or delivered to the customer. The price of the product or service is mentioned in the column that is adjacent to the lines of description of the product.
  • Total fee, cost or price is mentioned after totaling all the underlying costs of delivering the product to the customer. It is mentioned at the bottom of the receipt. This is the amount which the customer has to pay to the seller.


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