Raw Material Stock Statement for Reporting Template Excel

Raw material stock statement is considered necessary these days, as it shows the real worth of the assets. Reporting template excel is also asked by board of directors as well as loan providing bodies to consider whether company is able to return the loan with interest amount regularly or not. These sheets are also required by project managers to determine whether working on the specific project is possible or not.

If you are looking forward to reduce expense of your business, consider reducing amount of inventory in the stores, which are required less in the operations; however they are available in the store in large amount. Some banks consider making these reports themselves. Store sales tracker template also helpful regarding creating this one.

Raw material stock statement for reporting template excel format

  • Add the title on the sheet “stock statement”.
  • On the top name of company and address is shown.
  • “To” must be filled with bank name, branch and address.
  • A table is filled with headings description of goods.
  • Quantity of goods is shown as well.
  • Other headings added in the table are location stored, opening balance, purchased, sold and closing balance.
  • Rate in rupees and total value of the specific item is shown as well.
  • Total of each is summed up in the same column as well.

Stock Statement for Reporting

Raw material stock statement ideas

  • Debt to equity ratio
  • Report analysis
  • Cash flow statement
  • Free personals
  • Fixed assets
  • Reunion marketing

Different type of stock take spreadsheet template in excel also available here.

Stock statement sheets required

To maintain stock availability to all the departments of the company, stock sheets are available free of cost on the internet, they are designed for different kinds of companies and industries to help them. Word and excel templates are consider ideal for the purpose. Click here to download raw material stock statement sheets.



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