Project Risk Matrix Template For Project Management

Check out risk matrix template in MS excel format for easy multiple project documentation and project projection planning. Download chart or diagram for MS word format also.

This template is an estimation tool for gauging risk related to any project or business activity like also use in BCG matrix. It is being used by project managers and corporate firms to judge the risk related to their business proposals or contracted projects. Risk estimation is a veryessential aspect for project management.

Risk Matrix Template

Checklist of Risk Matrix System

  • The part with lowest risk is mentioned in the bottom left corner side of the chart, while
  • The part with highest risk is at the upper right corner of the chart.
  • The central part and the diagonal parts (from upper left to bottom right corner) represent moderate risk aspects.

It is neither in MS Excel nor in MS Word format. Rather, it is a chart that entails Likelihood of different aspects of a project on one axis with Consequences of undertaking those aspects of the project on the other axis. For instance, view the following picture of a sample Risk Matrix:


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