Project Management Responsibility Matrix Template

This Project Management tool is also known as RACI Matrix, which is an acronym of four words: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, & Informed. These four words actually involve the four major responsibilities that are related to accomplishment of a project.


Features of Matrix Templates

RACI Matrix has some additional features which offer assistance to a project manager to effectively examine and assign responsibilities related to accomplishment of a project. It entails responsibilities or tasks deliverable for each project director, staff, managers, and all members of project management team. It entails details about:

  • Project Funding
  • Planning
  • Contracting
  • Project requirements
  • Analysis of different phases
  • Development and design
  • System analysis
  • Project implementation
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RACI Matrix has essential importance in Project Management. It assists the project managers in defining effective strategies and techniques for distributing and assigning the burden of the project for quick and efficient execution of the project.

Therefore, the matrix is being regularly employed in planning and decision-making for successful execution of a project.


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