Printable Workout Log Template

People need daily workout template for scheduling their tasks accordingly, so ready to download bodybuilding, running or other exercise log Microsoft template now. This tool allows you to track your workouts. Workout is the second name of ‘exercise’. People engage themselves in different kinds of exercises either for improving their physical health or for fitness purposes.

Some people also do workout just for the sake of fun if they find the exercise as a ‘fun’. However, in all cases, people would always be interested in making a disciplined approach towards workout.

Scheduling Regular Workouts Log Template

Regular workouts prove to be beneficial and more effective than irregular exercises. In this regard, making a Workout Log helps the people with making a good track of their workouts. They know that when they have done the exercise for how long and on what day they preferred not to do the workout. Similarly, they know that whether they did the dumbbells or just running on a specific day.

Keep Exercise and Fitness Template Update

They can keep track all of such exercises by mentioning them in the log and then, keeping it updated on daily basis. This is the most effective way to keep track of your workouts as you can keep yourself accountable for any delays or irregularity in your workout that would arise in any case.

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You can use different workout logs to keep track of your different exercises. For instance, you can keep a separate manual for your dumbbells in which you can mention the time of your dumbbells exercise and the number of turns of it, one for your push-ups in which you can mention the duration and the number of push-ups you did with additional comments of your own or of your coach, and a separate for your running in which you can write the number of miles you ran with the duration you ran and with additional comments of your coach, etc.


Categories of Workout logs

Workout logs can be of different categories for instance, paper sheet logs, software logs, MS Excel logs, etc. You can use any of such logs depending upon your feasibility. If you can manage to write your logs daily with discipline then you can use the MS Excel logs.

It will allow you to design it as per your preferences and interests. On the other hand, if you are interested in writing on a piece of paper, then you can always carry a paper with yourself.

It will allow you to write on it the details or comments of your own or of your coach right on the moment when you experience anything special or abnormal during your exercise. You can also make a log in your smartphone or in a tablet which you can always carry to the gym or to the park where you do running. You can also download free templates of workout logs from the internet.


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