Open Source Dashboard Software for Excel

First of all concept clear about Open source, any Online or Web-base software or tool used for saving document, documentation and project planning like Google Docs, Spreadsheet. Besides free tool there is many Excel based Open source application been used for customization, drafting, creating all kind of projects.

Tracking and Monitoring Project Status

One of the most useful benefits is excel tracking system, which you can utilize for track any kind of project or non-project related activity from anywhere you are. There are many Software houses and IT base organization use these system for keep the status of project in streamline.

Dashboard Spreadsheet Documentation

Spreadsheet is a useful for documentation and other tracking the project, using Gantt chart in it is helping you making graphical orientation and checking status of each task.

Dashboard Software

Excel Advantages

Without operating excel basic in project compiling, very difficult to create professional look of any project.

Easy to Save Time and efforts

Drafting and reporting easy

Make sure you are using latest version of excel like 2010 and 2013, because many online open source software isn’t compatible with some older version of excel for saving file.


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