Monthly Sales Report Template in Microsoft Excel

Let me Help you regarding Monthly Reporting Template?

Looking for Monthly Reporting for sales, expense and other cost analysis, so here is some template of Excel by Microsoft been used by many professional companies? Now This template actually looks like as an invoice as the price, quantity, and other details of the product, name of the service provider or seller, information of buyer, date of purchase, order date, etc. are mentioned on it which are also written on an invoice template. You can call it an invoice when the customer accepts and receives it with the product.

  • Sales Reporting and Management
  • Dashboard Tracking with KPI
  • Suitable for Restaurant and Hotel Sales Management

Importance of Sales Report Template Excel                  

Companies and individual vendors use this template to present their bills in a professional and authorized manner to the customer for the products or services delivered. I recently published a post relates to Daily Sales reporting template, review it.

10+ Useful Excel Templates for Project Management & Tracking


  • Control Sales Annually or Monthly Report Easily
  • Easy for making further S.W.O.T and other Future Analysis
  • Easy to track Inventory schedule performance

Monthly Reporting Template

Most of the vendors or companies also put their official stamps on it once the customer accepts the draft of the quotation. This authorizes the Quotation as a billing invoice; hence, it acts as a legal proof of the sale or deliverance of product to the customer.

How to Create a Project Monthly Report Template?

After you have received the order from the customer for certain amount of products, you can get a free Sales report template from internet. Just fill the details of the customer, product, and of your company.

Mention the quantity ordered and delivered along with the sales tax and other taxes applied on the purchase or deliverance of the product to the customer. The date of deliverance of product is mandatory to mention. The template will be ready to send to the customer once all the details have been inscribed on it.



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