Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Formulas

Excel Formulas are used for calculations in MS Excel. Simple calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication as well as complex calculations like payroll cuts, mortgage payments can be easily performed in it.

Excel automatically calculates as well as recalculates the solution of each problem that is made to solve by using respective formula. Upon applying formula on once cell, it can apply the same formula on all cells in that respective column. Interestingly, Excel can automatically calculate and find out the values which you had deleted from a column.These been use also for finding multiple duplicate worksheet in spreadsheet of excel.

Excel Spreadsheet Formulas for Project Documentation

This actually work on ‘What if’ conditions. Respective formulae perform respective operation on the data you have entered in the sheet in the respective cell. Once you change the condition from multiplication to addition by changing the respective formula and by applying a new formula, the change will automatically incur in the cell where you pasted the formula.

You can drag the formula to the whole column and it will perform same operation on all the values in the column. Hence, you do not need to apply the formula on each cell of the column ‘turn by turn’. All you need to do is to drag the formula of applied cell to the whole column and the result will apply on each value.

You never need to do calculations as you do in a calculator. Excel formula functions can perform all kind of calculations simultaneously without intermingling of resulting values. Excel will solve your days of work within hours or minutes. Due to such benefits, Excel formulas are regularly employed by project managers, professionals, and accountants.



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