Microsoft Excel 2010 on the iPad with the OnLive Desktop

Microsoft Excel 2010 has been made compatible with the iPad via the OnLine Desktop application which allows the Excel to run in iPad with more swiftness. If one is keen of using Microsoft Excel and also possess an iPad, in that case OnLive Desktop app will work the best for oneself to use Excel in iPad.

OnLive app for iPad

In actual, this app has only been designed for iPad users and one can get it free along with the iTunes from an App Store or can download it from the internet. Amazingly, you will also get an extra storage space of 2 Giga Bites in your iPad when you will download this app. Recently Microsoft add key feature in Ipad for Excel User, review it for more detail.

After successful downloading of OnLive app, you will be required to sign in for free in the online login account that will be provided to you along with this app. You can upload and save files in your login account via your iPad. After signing in to this online account, a desktop interface similar to Windows will come into view on your iPad.

Excel App for Ipad

Microsoft Excel in iPad

You will also get the full Microsoft Office package 2010 and Microsoft Excel along with Word and PowerPoint that will be especially provided in this package. You can run this version of Microsoft Excel with perfect ease and promptness in your iPad as the downloaded OnLive app will support its running.

Although, there will be other features of Windows which you might also be able to run with more easiness, however, you will more appreciate the performance of Microsoft Excel for sure and will deem it as your best experience of working on an Excel spreadsheet for any of your project or assignment.


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