Manageengine Servicedesk Plus 8.1 User Guide

To deliver the end project on time is fundamental for business to increase chances of getting a project in future from same company which ensures existence of company. For long term running of company it is essential to keep existing customers with the company. Manage engine service desk plus is tool designed to make project organization easy and effective.

The use of these software’s available online to help out companies carry out this function appropriately by slicing the big major objective into small deliverable actions which ensure prevention of missing out any job which can cause harm to project in the future.

Inventory management

  • One of the major focusing points for companies is about stock taking process.
  • It is also required for specific project as distribution of resources can only be effectively done if resources available in the company can be analyzed.
  • Classifying materials required for certain stage helps in effective distribution of materials.

It business

  • This software is useful for different kinds of businesses however it is also used by it businesses.
  • Tracking jobs in it business is difficult as if often reflect intangible jobs.
  • It is useful as it keep personnel’s at different designations to keep informed of latest happenings in the project.

Effective division of labor

  • Conflict in the work processes and among the workers over the process is common.
  • However ensuring same process to be followed by all project team results in more productivity and efficiency.
  • Division of labor in a way to achieve objective on time is useful practice to prevent situation when same job is assigned to 2 workers.

Setting priorities            

Notifications in case of emails from customers or from project head to project team are common when dealing with a specific project. in case of any change in working procedure the team is kept informed by sending emails which can be sent instantly by using excel software. Priorities can be set for most important and complicated jobs. This helps in making project successful.


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