Key Features of Microsoft Excel for IPAD Users

In the previous month, Microsoft has announced adding some new features in Excel for iPad. Earlier than, there were no print functions for iPad; however, it has been made available now. The newest added features have an upgraded quality of this function too. If a person has a lot many apps in his/her iPad then, he/she should also have installed the version 1.2 in the iPad. It is an improved version of 1.1 and has higher quality features.

1.2 Version of Ipad (Pivot Table)

The 1.2 version has automated bug fixing features to run your iPad more swiftly. It also has the upgraded features of Pivot tabling function as it allows the user to enlarge, shrink, refresh and filter the tables. However, you must have included the data in the same spreadsheet before refreshing or filtering the tables.

Email in Spreadsheet in PDF Format

The latest version also allows you to email a spreadsheet in PDF form. This feature was not available in the previous version of iPad. You can also use an external keyboard to enter data in the spreadsheet. This has appeared as an awesome facility for the iPad users.

Ipad and Excel Features

Flick to Select

The Flick to select feature is also made available in the latest version. This feature allows you to flick a cell in the Excel sheet or to select data in any direction. For instance, you can select the data peripherally or diagonally besides to the normal horizontally and vertically selection.

Editing for Pictures

Doing so will be very convenient for you as you will be using a touch screen for selecting the cells. The new features also include the in-app editing for pictures, images, and graphs. You can edit the picture as per your requirements.


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