Keep Track of Forgotten Passwords in Excel

People often forget their passwords especially when they have several login accounts for their official coordination, clientele dealings, business proceedings, emails, financial activities, etc. This post is all about Microsoft excel version 2010, 2013 and other 2007. It would be troublesome for them if they forget their password for any of their crucial activity. Nonetheless, the new facilitations of Microsoft Excel offer you the facility to track your forgotten passwords.

You can retrieve any of your passwords which you have misspelled due to forgetfulness in a database. This is an amazing service of Microsoft Excel and is going to assist a lot many people in remembering their passwords.

Secure Passwords Techniques in Microsoft Excel

Whether your memory is vulnerable to forgetfulness, you must choose a secure password to avoid hacking. Forgetfulness of password, though is not good, but is less harmful than hacking of it. However, if you choose a difficult password, then the chances of forgetting it becomes high if you have forgetful attribution associated with your memory.

Therefore, you need to save your passwords at some place which would be secure from hackers whilst accessible to you easily whenever you want to track any of your passwords. In this regard, Microsoft Excel will save your passwords in the best protected manner.

Excel as Password Savior

Securing all your passwords in Excel is very easy. In this regard, your chosen excel spreadsheet must be Pas protected else it would not remain safe from hacking threats. The method to set up a passw protected spreadsheet is very simple:

  • Arrange a spreadsheet with the titles of its columns of ID, Account, Category, Username, Password, and Description of all your login accounts of which passwords you want to save. Insert all details in the columns and rows.
  • Save the file with a secure, matchless and unique password which you could not forget. (Of course, there should be at least one secure password which you should remember.)

Track of Forgotten Passwords

Excel Suitable Versions for Securing Passwords

The 2003, 2007, and 2010 versions of Excel are suitable for creating password protected spreadsheet files. First save the spreadsheet; then, go to the “Tools” menu and select General Options. You need to insert a secure code after the General Options dialogue box opens up. Click “OK” to save your protected password. You also need to verify your password by retyping it when it will ask you to do so. You will have to use the same password for each time you want to open your password protected Excel sheet.

You have now successfully made your secure Paswd Excel sheet once the Confirmation dialogue box appears on your screen. You can save all other passwords of all your login accounts in this protected Excel sheet without feeling any worry of forgetfulness.

You can also make a similar protected Excel file in 2008 version of Excel in Mac. Almost similar procedure will be require from you to follow except you will be require to open “Options” instead of “General Options” in this version. Hence, you can protect all your login accounts by following a very simple procedure.


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