Inserting a Watermark Behind the Text in Excel

Watermarks can be added in Microsoft Excel documents (2007+2010) for different purposes like creating logos and designs for your products and businesses.

What are watermarks?

Watermarks are words or images that can be made visible at the rear of a text and can enhance the design of a document for instance, if you add an image behind the text, you can brighten it just to show it in special effects in the document for the reader. Watermarks continue to display when the document is printed or when it is read after applying the Full Screen option.

How To Insert a Text Watermark in Excel?

You can add any text or Excel as a watermark by using the custom watermark options or you can also use the default watermark texts. In any case, you will be required to follow these steps to insert a text watermark:



Go to Page Layout options and then, to Page Background options. Click the option ‘Watermark’.


To add a default text as a watermark, go to the gallery of watermarks and click on any text that you want to insert as a watermark. If you want to add your own words, then you need to select ‘Custom Watermark’ and then click on ‘Text Watermark’ tab. Here you can type your own words that you want to use as a watermark in your document. You can format it in any style you want.

You can also add a watermark on selected pages but this rule does not apply on the cover page of your document.


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