Insert Pictures using VBA in Microsoft Excel

With the help of Macros in Excel, you can insert pictures, data, forms, lists, etc. in Microsoft Excel worksheet working on VBA. Moreover, you can also drag, insert, transfer, or copy data in from one Excel sheet to another or from on cell to another. Some other tools like the if-else programming, looping, etc. can also work along with Macros to complete different tasks.

Loops for Inserting Pictures Using VBA Excel

Employing loops for inserting pictures would ascertain the fact that the inserted picture would inscribe in all the cells of rows and columns in the Excel spreadsheet. If you do not use loops for inserting pictures, particularly, when you have to insert the pictures repetitively, it would be difficult for you to insert the pictures repeatedly. In case of infinite repetitions, it is suggested that you should use the ‘do-while loop’ after enabling Macros with it.

Situation will be different during creating 3D charts in Excel.

Insert_Picture Using VBA

Different versions of Microsoft Excel

You will have to employ different techniques for different versions of Excel. For instance, you have to insert the picture in the form of an object in Excel spreadsheet of MS Office version 2007; that is, you will have to embed it in the Excel worksheet.

On the other hand, if you are working in Excel 2010 then, the MS Excel sheet will add the picture as a link which is often not considered as a good option particularly if you want to send it to someone.


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