Insert A Checkbox In MS Excel

Checkbox is used in MS Office and in VBA. It is used for checking or selecting an option from two or more than two options available. This is just simple trick like inserting watermark behind text in excel.

How to Insert A Checkbox in Excel?

You can insert a checkbox in Excel worksheet by following these simple steps:


Go to Excel options and click ‘Customize Ribbon’.


Check or Tick the ‘Developer’ option in the list of options appearing at the right hand side of the toolbar as displayed in the below image:

Add the ‘Developer’ option to the ‘All Tabs’ options and press OK. It will display the Developer tab in Excel Ribbon options.


Go to the Developer Tab in the Excel Ribbon and select ‘Insert’.


Click ‘Checkbox’ and it will display a checkbox in your Excel sheet. You can drag this checkbox and can place it anywhere in the Excel sheet.

Insert Checkbox Excel

How to Customize an Inserted Checkbox in MS Excel?

Follow these steps:


Go to ‘Format Control’


Choose the type of checkbox you want to have in your Excel sheet.


Select if you want to display your checkbox as a tick/cross or as a true/false checkbox.

How to Delete An Inserted Checkbox?

You can delete a checkbox from your Excel sheet by simple selecting the checkbox and pressing ‘Delete’ button. To delete more than one checkboxes, follow these commonly used simple steps:


Go to ‘Home’ and then, go to ‘Select’ option.


Click ‘Objects’ and press OK. It will select all the checkboxes.


Press ‘Delete’ to delete the selected checkboxes.


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