How to Reduce Excel File Size with Images

Looking for Upload huge Excel file and encounter problem regarding reducing excel file size with image for Online Sharing? The large sizes of Excel files may give you bothersome, particularly if you want to store the files in your USB flash or any other disk in your personal computer which might not have as large data storage space for storing your Excel files.

Although the Excel files generally contain numbers and texts; however when the charts and tables are inserted in it, its size increases.

Trouble During Sending Email, Reduce Excel File Size

If you are working on projects employing large data sized Excel files and you also want to email these files to your colleagues or manager, it may cause hindrance to you for sending the large data sized files; mostly, the emailing platforms do not allow sending files that are more than 25 MB of size.

ExcelTimes.com have a solution for you through which you can shrink the size of your large sized Excel files without affecting the data saved in these files. Through decreasing the size of your Excel files, you can easily store them in any flash drive as well as you can email to them to anyone. You can follow these steps to shrink the size of Excel files:

Reduce Size in Excel Spreadsheet


Delete all the unnecessary rows and columns of each Excel spreadsheet. It will automatically decrease the size of each spreadsheet.

Remove Rows and Column


Save all your Excel files in (.lsb) binary format. Compress the files and save them in (.xlsb) format. You must have deleted all the unnecessary rows and graphics in each spreadsheet. After deleting all the unnecessary graphics, save the Excel files in (.xlsx) format. It will shrink the size significantly.


You can also follow other tools like saving the files in winzip format or by saving the charts of each spreadsheet as distinct and different file.


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