How to Prepare Monthly Project Status Report?

Preparing an appropriate project status report on monthly basis is essential for knowing the progress of a project. It makes the project team motivated and engaged in accomplishing their deadline for completing the project on time. Moreover, it helps to identify the hurdles that would appear in different phases of a project.

Essential Point Needs to Remember

Here are a few recommendations for the project managers to follow in order to prepare a monthly progress report Sales or other budget Planning:

  • Decide the timeline of your project and the different phases of the project. If your project entails daily and weekly reporting, then you must also take account of all these reports into your monthly status report.
  • Set each sub task of your project as per the project goals and standards.
  • Include a list of achievements and accomplishments with brief explanation of each task accomplished.
  • Include plans for accomplishing the remaining tasks with details of each plan. Also include some explanation of the tasks.
  • Include the concerns which you or your team members have over any aspect of the project. Give explanation of each concern and also include your suggestions for removing the concerns.

Monthly Report

Following the aforementioned recommendations will help you to prepare your monthly progress report with perfect meticulousness. It would help you to track the issues in your project as well as would identify the solutions to resolve the issues. Following this pattern will lead you to complete your project on time; hence, you will be able to meet your project deadlines accurately.


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