How to make Excel Dashboard Looks Professional

It is essential that you make excel dashboard in a standard professional outlook. In this regard, you must follow appropriate steps for accomplishing it. Below are provided some recommendations for you to make the excel dashboard looks professional:

Important things to Remember for Creating Dashboard in Spreadsheet

  • You should not display the grid lines in your dashboard. You can follow a simple procedure for hiding the grid lines. Just go to the menu options, select the ‘View’ and uncheck the option “Gridlines”. Follow the same procedure for removing the column headers.
  • Do not apply white background as it would enlarge the length and size of your file.
  • Do not let the excel sheet show the ‘#’ sign in any row or column.
  • Apply full screen view to the dashboard. It will not display the ‘menu’ options; hence, you will be able to get a good view of it if you want to print it as a professional excel dashboard print view does not entail settings menu.

  • Remove the errors in formulas or in any facet in your excel sheet.
  • Do not show the drop down options of pivot tables if they are irrelevant. You can do this by making changes in the options of Pivot Table given at the settings menu.
  • Employ the Input tools for entering, selecting, and changing the data. These tools provide you complete control of the dashboard and eliminate the possibilities of errors.
  • Add the check boxes to permit your readers to view or hide different portions of the dashboard as per their choice.

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