How to Create Company Letterhead in MS Word

Company letterheads are used to enhance the professional outlook of business documentations of that respective company. Most of the businesses, corporate firms, and sales persons use letterhead templates as it boosts up their repute when they are dealing or signing a contract with their client or when they are receiving an order from their client. Using letterhead authorizes their dealings which they perform with their customers.

How to make a Letterhead?

It is generally made in Microsoft Word file for company profile and employs absolute position tools of MS Word. You can place the logo of your company and some images in it as well as you can paste the motto, slogan, and introduction of your company too. The introduction and brief description of your product and your supply chain procedure is also included. Creating a letterhead follows simple steps which are given below:

Step 1:

Open a Microsoft Word document and select Insert > Picture > choose from file.

Here you can paste the logo of your company or any other picture that you want to include in your company letterhead. You can paste once picture at a time. To insert another picture, you need to follow the same steps again. It is better that you should save the pictures in PNG format as it can be added easily into the Word file.

Letter head designing

Step 2:

CTRL + Click on the inserted picture and select the option ‘Format Picture’.

Step 3:

Choose covering method of “Behind text” and then, click on ‘Advanced’.

Step 4:

Select absolute position of your picture and text styling.

Your letterhead is ready to add description of your company!


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