Function of F2 in Excel for Mac

Using Mac shortcuts have a lot of benefits with it as it makes your work easier and convenient for you. You can accomplish your tasks earlier and can perform the commands quicker by employing the shortcuts. In this regard, if you are using Microsoft Excel in Mac, then it would support your tasks in Excel very well.

Excel on Windows OS prior to using Mac

You can accomplish several types of projects on it, and if you have a Mac OS with you whilst you are also looking to use Excel on it, then you would probably have to take certain facts into your notice before using Excel shortcuts on Mac.

Microsoft E has applied several shortcuts in Mac which would make your work convenient to accomplish; however, using Excel on Mac would become confusing for you if you have previously used Excel on Windows OS prior to using Mac. ExcelTimes is a free blog for learner of Microsoft basic to advance function with tool and software.

Several shortcuts of E in Windows Operating System conflict with those in Mac OS. This especially creates confusions for those who have just got Mac and started using E on it. Let us review an example of this conflict in both Operating Systems.

F2 in Excel for Mac

Example (F2 Key Shortcut)

The F2 key serves as a shortcut in Microsoft Excel in Windows OS as well as in Mac; however, it performs different operations in both Operating Systems. The detail of this shortcut key is described below in both aforementioned OS.

  • F2 Key in Windows: The F2 key in Excel in the Windows OS is employed for making changes or editing a formula. It is being frequently used by the E users in Windows and is considered as one of the most valid shortcut tools in Excel in Windows. It places the cursor at the end of the active cell which you want to edit.
  • F2 Key in Mac: Unlike its functioning in the Windows OS, the F2 Key performs entirely different task in Excel in Mac OS. It does not allow the user to edit a cell in Mac; it actually cuts the formula, number or text written in that cell. Hence, it acts as a cut tool in Mac. Therefore, it is advised to the Excel users that they must take this into account before using F2 as a shortcut key in Excel when working in the Mac OS.

To edit the text in Excel in Mac, you would be required to use a combination of two keys: “CTRL+U”. It will allow you to edit any formula, text, or number in a cell in any column or row in E installed in Mac OS. Hence, the new edit key in Mac is not the F2 key; it is the CTRL +U combination. You should remember this while using F2 in Excel for Mac.


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