Employee Leave Record Excel Tracking Template

Company’s like; (Soft-warehouse, GOVT & private sector) want to resolve this issues. Are you also having this same issue? let’s define Payroll of employee using this employee leave record excel template. This will help you in further employee evaluation on performance or vacation planer.

Trouble for employees vacation and absent, so check out some useful template for keep tracking daily to monthly basis. If you are worried of your employees’ leaves and have no record of their leaves and absences. You need a monthly or weekly employee leaves record template of Microsoft Excel. It will help you in making a complete track record of leaves and attendance of your employees. The question is how can you make this template according to your organizational structure and staff numbers?

I will explain its answer in this article and will also share a sample template of Excel for recording leaves of employees flawlessly. In this regard, you must have summarize introductory profile of all your employees. Whether how large the number of workers in your organization?

Requirements for using Excel as a Tracking Template

Before you start with an Excel spreadsheet to record anything relates to your employees leaves data. You should get hold of sufficient understanding of dashboard tracking tools. Basic knowledge of 2010 and 2013 versions of Excel is also mandatory to acquire. You can get sample templates of Excel dashboard from the internet or you can also make it on an Excel spreadsheet by bringing changes in the settings of your spreadsheet.

Here are a few steps mention that are require for preparing a dashboard and a monitoring tool for this.

Employee Leave Record Excel Template (Format)

Step 1

First create a spreadsheet and a Google Docs for tracking the record online.

Step 2

Add basic details of your company, name of files, products, number of employees, departments, etc in the first five rows of the spreadsheet. You may also add logo of your company and can also change the color of each column in which you have mention distinct details of your organization.

Step 3

Add IDs of all employees in a separate column and name the columns as ‘ID’.

Step 4

Add Last name and first name of each employee in the next column. Make sure that the name of each employee appears in the separate column but in alignment with the column entailing the respective ID of that employee. Apply same ruling for mentioning the department name of that employee. Follow same procedure for inscribing details of all employees.

Step 5

Mention leaves which each employee has taken so far on daily basis right in the next column and align the leaves number of each employee in the row in which its details are mention. Hence, a continuing row will form due to the aligning arrangement of columns.

Step 6

Mention leaves on weekly basis in the very next column and monthly leaves in the next one.Keep recording the leaves daily. Update the record as soon as you get to know that any of your employees is on leave or has request for a leave or is not present at work. You may also add description or reason of leave for each employee in the very next column of leaves.

Step 7

You can also record annual leaves by following the same procedure.

employee Leave Record Template

Leaves Tracking {Issues) to Monitoring

The only issue with this kind of leaves recording is that you are require to create this record manually and can view the details or total leaves of any of your employee by just viewing this very spreadsheet. No instantaneous alerts or notifications can be apply in this regard. For any issue in this template review another tool.

Benefits of Employee Leave Record Excel Template

  • You can easily know the number of leaves any of your employees has made.
  • You can calculate the bonus accurately for any your employee who has made less leaves.

You can keep complete record of daily, hourly, weekly, monthly and annual leaves of employees. In this post you will not only got Employee Leave Record Excel Template 2017 update but also ask for customize template for business and company type.



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