Employee Evaluation Form Template in Excel Format

This article is about the Evaluation Form of employees. The evaluation form contains the evaluative information about employees of an organization. It contains the summary of tasks performed by the employees. Moreover, it can contain the very brief detail about performance of employees during a certain amount of period or number of days/weeks/months. Nonetheless, most of the organizations generate the employee’s evaluation form on monthly basis.

Sample Evaluation Form Templates

Free templates of evaluation form for employee are available on different websites on the INTERNET. Most of the sample forms are free to download and their downloading require not more than 1 or 2 seconds. Check out Employee skill profile template in daily base usage.

These have customized designs and you do not have to put any effort in formatting or editing them. Just download them and start using them for recording assessment information of your employees.

Importance of Employee Evaluation Form

The Employee Information Forms have essential importance in the project management and organization structure. They ensure safe and disciplined progress tracking of your employees. Yes. You understood them right! They act as progress reports of employees in an organization. This implies that they entail information about the behaviour, achievements and misconducts of employees. It is obvious that every employee will distinct record of serving the organization and of working in the workplace environment.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

His conduct is recorded through this evaluation form. If his conduct and achievements mentioned in this form depict his true commitment and loyalty in serving the organization and in meeting the targets that were assigned to him then, the evaluation form establishes the basis for promotion of that employee within the organizational structure and his chances of getting a higher rank or salary bonus become likely.

Protecting of Employees Documentation

You can use the security features of MS Excel spreadsheet if you want to protect the Employee record. Most of the Human Resource Department Personnel of corporate organizations keep the Form protected so that no employee could steal them and could edit the information in them to make his/her evaluation positive. Securing the evaluation forms will give you the chance to have accurate information about the progress and contribution of each employee in the organization.

You can apply security to the Evaluation Forms of Employees by using the ‘Protect Workbook’ or ‘Protect Sheet’ options. These options can be found in the ‘Review’ tab of the top bar of an Excel spreadsheet. You can also apply password on the sheet; it will make your Excel worksheet further secure.

Password Protection and Worksheet

On the other hand, the sharing feature is also present in the Form. The form can be shared with many or selected users by using the ‘Share workbook’ option which is available in the ‘Review’ tab in the Excel sheet. If you want to share some sheets in an Excel workbook while you want to protect/hide other sheets, you can apply password option to the worksheets. Hence, no one will be able to open the password protected sheet unless you allow them to do so by sharing your Excel sheet password with them.


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