Download Contact List Template in Excel Format

This template of excel will help you to keep a detailed record of all your contacts. You could have many contacts i.e. your family members, friends, cousins, employees or employers, neighbors, etc. and you always be looking for having a safe record of their contact emails or phone numbers.

The Contact List excel Template will help you to keep a safe record of each contacting details of your friends or family members. In such a list, you can write the:

  • Email,
  • Phone number,
  • Home Address,
  • Postal code,
  • Name with last name,
  • Work email,
  • Facebook ID,
  • Office Address,
  • Company Name


All other details of any of your contact. You just have to write the details in the list. It has different sections and you should write one detail in one respective section only. For instance, write the address in the address section and the phone number in the phone section. Do not intermingle it!


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