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Looking for project management documentation template, so these some chart help you in it. It’s a key for describing business marketing strategies with financial tips.  Many types of charts and diagrams are employed in different projects and assignments in MS Excel to represent the details of a project with more precision and clarity. BCG Matrix template normally been use in PowerPoint slides for business growth rates presentation and documentation of any project reporting. Such charts convey the message of your project with more detail and increase the professional outlook of your project.

What is a BCG Matrix?

BCG stands for Boston Consulting Group and is used for projects related to business branding and portfolios. It has four main sections:

  1. Stars
  2. Question Marks
  3. Cash Cows
  4. Dogs

The sections represent market share and growth of a business firm. It looks like a graphical image and is compatible with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint tools. See below image of a BCG Matrix for your reference:

It can be inserted in MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for certain projects of different businesses and financial enterprises. If you are looking 3d chart in excel, than review this link.

Benefits of BCG Matrix Template Excel in Project Management

  • It portrays the information in a comprehensive outlook.
  • It assists the project manager in defining a well planned marketing strategy as it takes notice of all the relevant and external factors.
  • The project manager can prepare a well settled project status report after applying the BCG matrix.
  • No external source or tools are required for creating BCG chart. It automatically builds the strategy once you insert data in it. Hence, it makes planning easy for a project manager.

BCG MAtrix Template

How to Create a BCG Chart in MS Excel Spreadsheet

If you want to manually create this one, than you should Follow these steps to create a BCG matrix in an Excel spreadsheet.


Open a new Excel sheet and select the option ‘Insert’ at the upper bar of it. You will find different chart options here. Select ‘Other charts’ and a white box will appear.


Do right click on the white box and choose the option ‘Select Data’.


Select ‘Add Section’ and another box will appear. Insert values here for instance, of Market Growth, etc. and click ‘OK’.

Project Manager (Best Practice)

It will appear on your Excel sheet containing the values of market growth. Many project manager wants different type of template for been using in different type of projects planning. These examples you can use in business forecasting reporting, financial analysis of any projection plan and other different plans.

Some BCG matrix template excel is available in ExcelTimes, for customize edition template ping for here and explore more graphical tool.


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  1. BCG Matrix template is now available in 2016 edition with Gantt chart edition, you can check out for requesting this here.

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