Customer Contact List Excel Template for Call Center

Increases your customer satisfaction through contact list template, which is designed using excel format, ideal for call centers. Sales dashboard in excel templates are also searched here by supervisors as they are able to view performance of their agents. Customer contact list template for call center is required to make call backs on time, according to customer routine and it instantly increases sales ratio of your contact center.

You are able to add additional useful information and attach files with the contact list for call center agents or floor supervisors. The main objective of this list is to have all the basic information about the customers, so that efficient and speedy call process is possible by your agents.

Customer Contact List Excel Template for Call Center Format

Features of this list are added here which increases sales potential of your contact center.

  • Time: time difference between your region and country where you are making sales is different. This sheet shows you the time according to both regions, whenever call should be made.
  • Comments: there is an individual space for the comments, therefore you are able to add additional information in the comments box, regarding specific customer.
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  • Basic information: add information of the specific customer his name, state, number and address in the sheet. It is usually a basic requirement before making sale.
  • Reminders: your agents can make calls timely due to reminders set in the list.

Contact List Excel Template

Sales Dashboard for Call Center in Excel Format

It is important to meet sales target at your call center, which is possible through viewing sales dashboard. You can forward any incoming call to your agents according to your choice by observing status of the agents on your floor. Reminders regarding their targets can be sent them through server messages.


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