Creating VBA in Excel for Data Entry

VBA forms are employed in Microsoft Excel in various essential respects. Although Microsoft Excel has fairly a good interface consisting of columns and rows, however, the data inserted in its columns and rows are often edited to exclude mistakes and other miscalculations that can arise either by human error or wrong entering of data. In this regard, the VBA form assists the Excel users to eliminate the chances of errors and mistakes. This tool serves very useful for the beginner Excel users as they have high chances of performing mistakes while dealing with a project on MS Excel due to their insufficient expertise and experience of working with Excel.

In order to create and use and VBA form for Excel, here are a few steps that are required to be followed: For reviewing about more VBA function see here.

Procedure of VBA in Excel for Data Entry

Open an Excel file and save it (CTRL+S) in your desired folder. After saving it, open Microsoft Visual Basic Editor; you can use the shortcut (Alt + F11) to open the VB Editor.


Open the list of modules and forms in the VB window. You can use the shortcut (CTRL + R) to open it. Click ‘Insert User Form’ and then, click on the ‘UserForm’ option. It will open up a new form containing a toolbox window.

If the toolbox Window does not appear, you can open it directly from selecting the ‘Menu’ option. You can select text box, Labels, list, etc. in the toolbox Window depending on your task that you want to perform using the VB editor.

Data Entry Form in VBA Excel Step:3:

From the toolbox, use a command button and double click on it. It will open a command editor. Here you have to insert the code for your task. Step:4:

Go to the Menu and select ‘Macro’. After you have successfully enabled the Macro, you will be able to use VB editor for data entry for your Excel sheet.


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