Create a Stacked Clustered Column Chart in Excel

Charts are prepared and modified in Microsoft excel for various purposes in an organization. Creating clustered diagrams and charts are common in every type of firm to view change. Stacked columns are created in charts in Microsoft excel.

Focusing on multiple areas at one time is very tough job which is carried out by project managers as they are answerable for their work in the case if they are unable to deliver project on time.

Different types of chart and graphical diagrams are used in industries like histogram, bar chart, pie chart, and pictogram and 3D Chart.  They are mainly created to show information in a more precise and useful manner.

Format of Stacked Clustered Column Chart in Excel

Representations of information by using these diagrams are considered very functional for professional project leaders who take important decisions using this information as a base.  Showing areas which are beneficial for project is effective to make it done before time. Creating a stacked clustered column chart can be effective however it must consist of:

  • Before making a clustered diagram in excel the information on which it is formatted must be included in a table.
  • Suitable scale for the x-axis and y-axis must be decided.
  • The x of y axis must be decided for quantities.
  • For a certain type of quantity a bar is made.
  • However quantities it highlights must also be included in this bar forming a clustered chart.

Stacked Clustered Column Chart

Creating a Clustered Chart for Project

This type of chart diagram can be used for different purposes in a an organization however a one created specifically for a project must include bars made for individual tasks and the percentage of their completion. This therefore gives a quick representation of information to project manager regarding a particular task in the project.

Purpose of Stacked Clustered Diagram

Surveys are conducted by companies to see the reviews and choice of random customers in the market. It helps in setting priorities which is elemental for effective completion of project. Limited resources are available in the company therefore allocating them for a specific stage of project can be done effectively by reviewing results of these diagrams.

Imagine a marketing campaign launched by company targeting Medias like TV, radio, newspaper and internet. However when viewing the results that impact it have on particular audience clustered stacked diagram can be created. It highlights difference between the budgeted and actual customers it targeted.

Monitor Current Position

To outline realistic and functional plans for company it is important to highlight the current stage of the company. Once the current position can be monitored outlining strategies to target audience is easy. Realizing difference between budgeted and actual work helps in making gaps visible therefore making plans to fill them is easy.

One of the focusing points is to lower the expenditure of the company. Once it can be identified which advertising campaign in effective other can be avoided which reduce the expense of company and therefore maximizing earning opportunities for company. All this important information in one diagram is very helpful to show someone in the senior management as well.


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