Create 3D charts in Excel 2010

Each spreadsheet of Microsoft Excel has been equipped with 3D charts. You can represent your data sets or stats in a 3D chart as it will overshadow the depiction of your Excel spreadsheet. Moreover, it will show the relevance in your data values more clearly than a 2D graphical representation can.

You can draw a line, Pie, Column, Bar, Area, Surface Area, Scatter plot, or other graphical shapes in 3D in your Excel sheet.It’s also implement during converting coordinates with your GPS and getting data.

Benefits of 3D charts:

  • More clear depiction of data
  • Easier to read the numbers and text displayed by each 3D chart
  • You can also represent XYZ coordinates in a 3D chart.
  • You can display the comparison between two or more than two number values more accurately, clearly, and precisely.
  • Multiple shapes and coloring styles of 3D charts are available for graphical representation of any kind of your data sets.

Create 3d Chart Excel

How to make the 3D charts?

You just need to click on the ‘Insert’ tab on the upper bar of the Excel sheet and then, you need to select the ‘Char’ item. Select the kind of chart (Pie, Area, Line, Scatter, etc.) and click on ‘Format’.

Here you can change the color and settings of each chart. It will allow you to add data according to your desired patterns along the X, Y, and Z coordinates. In some versions of Microsoft Office, you will find the ‘Format’ options in the ‘Layout’ tab. You can change the graphics as well as the data of each graph easily.


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