Convert Coordinates with your GPS with Excel

A coordinate calculation sheet is employed for performing calculations along the coordinates. It is used in different projects by the project managers especially, when they are working on a project that might require calculations on a geographical land project.

They can do calculations on longitude and latitude lines by converting these lines into gridlines of any coordinate system. Usually, the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet functions are employed for performing the conversion of coordinates.  For any troubleshooting during understanding this topic contact ExcelTimes.com team instantly.

Transverse Mercator Function for Converting GPS Data on Excel

The Transverse Mercator projection function is important to be used for multiple kind of conversion of coordinate systems and for performing the coordinate calculations on the coordinate calculation Excel sheet. Among the many other operations of Transverse project function, it is used for:

  • Converting the longitude and latitude to coordinate lines in the direction or east and north in the map projection of Transverse Mercator.
  • Calculating the scale factor in the coordinate grid lines at any point.
  • Computing the true azimuth and t-T in the coordinate grid lines
  • Estimating grid convergence
  • Converting longitude and latitude to any coordinate system for instance, in Cartesian coordinates of XYZ as well as for vice versa.
  • Converting GPS coordinates to OSN grid coordinates or Ordinary Survey National Grid.
  • Reformatting the longitude and latitude coordinates in Degree, Seconds, and Minutes system, in Degree and Decimal minute style and in decimal degree.


The projection functions for instance, the t-T, convergence, and scale factors are entailed in the Excel spreadsheet but are not included in the guide.


Suppose two persons, Jim and Carey are travelling in two different directions. They are working on a project related to mapping. They can use their longitudinal and latitudinal direction for this purpose as they can convert it to coordinate points in a coordinate system and performing required accurate calculations is accomplishing the goals of their project.

What all they will be required to convert their latitudinal and longitudinal directions into coordinate system? Yes. You perceived correctly. The Transverse projections functions will be used for converting their latitudinal and longitudinal direction into an accurate coordinate system representation.

The can convert their location with accuracy in degrees as well as in decimal degrees with additional precisions of minutes and seconds too. It will assist them to convert their GPS coordinates too if they measure their location and direction in GPS system. Many project managers employ this technique for converting their GPS location to a coordinate system.


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