Bitrix 24 Latest Versions for Project Management

Grow your business by adopting bitrix 24 latest version especially designed for project management with updated features for you. Maximum collaboration between departments is ensured if proper project management skills are practiced by project manager.

You as a project manager are required to handle crucial elements while working on particular project. Drive your business ability to maximum to use available resources efficiently ensuring project success in the end.

If proper project management tact’s are being practiced this ensure creating efficient working environment for your team which is now possible by selecting latest version of bitrix a software designed for managers by considering their requirements. Using software means having clear visibility over the operations of particular project forecasting sales revenue and sales units essential for proper functioning.

Features of bitrix 24 Software

  • Tasks: save your additional time by viewing relationship between different tasks of the project. You can easily assign tasks to groups in your project team making tracking effortless.
  • To-do-list: observe tasks which are assigned but yet not initiated to any particular person. Related or dependent tasks schedules can be set streamlined.
  • Gantt charts: snapshot status of the jobs as well as person to whom the specific task is assigned therefore he is answerable.

You are able to provide direction to your sales team promoting your sale revenue if you are having chart to visualize current volume and past sale volume history. Outlining key functional areas of project is easy as you can develop checklist if you are using bitrix latest version to provide guideline to your project team as well.

Bitrix 24 Timesheet

Pre planned dates for project is essential to accomplish it timely therefore time sheet feature of the bitrix is helpful in determining tasks which are completed as well as tasks in the queue. Participants in the project meting are ensured by using latest version of bitrix 24.


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