Apple Numbers Versus Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheet Differences

A significant number of businesses are employing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Apple Numbers to carry out different business tasks. Both these programs save time for the corporate personnel and managers to accomplish their daily business tasks.

Mostly, the financial reports and statements are completed by using these two programs. If you are considering selecting one of these two programs to accomplish your business task, then you must have acquired significant among of knowledge about their functions and features else it would be difficult for you to select one.

Preferred uses of Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel

Both these programs are very effective in their own respects and have multiple functions for carrying out different business tasks and financial reporting. However, AN is being employed in relatively smaller budgeting and financial statements. On the other hand, Microsoft Excel is mostly is used in more sophisticated corporate projects by big corporate entities.

Mutual Functions of AN and Excel

If you are looking to use both these programs for your project or if you simply want to export data from one program to another, then there are can appear some restrictions besides to the facilitations to do so. Data from the AN can be easily exported to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets however; at often, when a table entailing values is exported, the table appears in a separate worksheet in Excel. This can make your work messy if you are exporting many more tables to Excel. On the other hand, in an Excel sheet, you can make as many tables as you want to and can also export them to the this.

It has been observed that people, who use Microsoft Excel more often, find it difficult to use Apple Numbers. The vice versa is also true because of the relative differences of their features.


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