Agile Project Status Report Template Excel

Status reporting is an integral issue in organization, this must be conduct after proper planning and team collaboration. So using agile project status report template you can arrange meeting and discuss fundamental analysis about current project in a group or individual base. Agile development is use for measure success and track some miss-communication or other technical disturbance in a project. In excel template you can also share data to upper level and avoid wasting your CEO time.

Although project status on Agile doesn’t need to calculate manually. This way you can faster the flow of project towards pre-define goal and direct through any issues. Basic IT operation improve 2x by using new tools/techniques using agile system.

Basically three level of status report for project plan

  • Team Level Status Repotting
  • Department Level Reporting
  • Company Level Repotting

Features Agile Project Status Report Template

Traditional project management concept going slowly down, o companies who been using they must face difficulties in collaboration and task list assessment. Here is different types of project reporting in agile network, let’s discuss here below.

Daily Scrum Meeting Template Excel

Stakeholder Project Status Repotting

Report also submit to stakeholder for viewing status for progress. Usually Big construction unit been use their system, so investor interest to view its status report for investing in right direction.

Sprint Backlog

It’s part of product process and reveal its main features, rather than just explain product development phases. Regular sprint daily meeting you can identify main issue and product development key features need to be address in board of directors and other project Manager.

Types of Agile Project Status Report Template

Check some different types of agile reporting in “Excel Template”, you can easy gather data and complete your project plan.

  • Agile Project Plan Template
  • Agile Release Plan Template
  • Agile Sprint Backlog with Burndown Chart Template
  • Agile Product Backlog Template
  • Agile Test Plan Template
  • Agile Product Roadmap Template
  • Agile User Story Template
  • Agile Project Charter Template

Agile Project Plan Template

Once project separate in different feature, and each feature require some tool for accomplishing plan. It’s responsibility of development team, who assess and take control over it. In which template, define role/responsibility over time according to their status. Download complete package agile template through Smartsheet.

Agile Release Plan Template

This plan assign each task to sprint and give particular status, this status define corresponding goal toward project.

  • Planned
  • Ongoing
  • Un-planned
  • Release

Agile Sprint Backlog with Burndown Chart Template

It’s a to-do-list or checklist of product development phases. Each task performed by team member must add and its current status.

Agile Product Backlog Template

This chart/template use for identify, either sprint is ready or not according to previous phases of development.

  • Priority
  • Status
  • Story Point
  • Assign to Sprint

Agile Project Status Report Template Excel

Agile Test Plan Template

This is form base template indicated either expected result in on our way or not and report to particular sprint. Project name, test case Id and report to must include in this template.

Agile Product Roadmap Template

Its strategic overview about to explain where the goal of product in different duration of time? Some Gantt chart type calculation define your product development stages over different periods.

Agile Project Charter Template

It’s a pre-planned one page excel template indicated some factors;




Success Matric


So agile project status report template excel helping you complete dynamic and progressive way of handling project in meanwhile time. You can contact ExcelTime about any inquiry and agile development.


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