Agile Project Management Template Excel

Now improve your team communication without mattering physical presence through making agile project management tools part of your organization. Major reasons of companies looking for agile management tools are they want to effectively manage and organize their projects and preventing project failures more common in more competitive and bigger companies. Decision making effect your project management, therefore this is now efficiently made through agile software’s designed by professionals. Check best project management tools for every company.

Top agile project management tools 2017

Here are some top tools, which can help your companies in better project management and tracking.

  • Ice scrum
  • Taiga
  • Active collab
  • Agilo for scrum
  • Gravity agile
  • Atlassian jira
  • Scrumpy
  • You track

Ice scrum

One of the fast and amazing agile project management tools is ice scrum, and it allows you to deal with your project team efficiently. If your project manager is dealing with multiple projects, it can so stressful; however getting this tool helps you to maintain best organized records for milestones and actively communicating with your project team online or manually. Now track down unlimited projects through making it part of your company.


One of the top powerful agile project management tool is Taiga, with its unique features, you will regret choosing this tool. It is efficiently designed by professionals, helping you in resource management, risk analysis, getting backlogs, project dashboards and information regarding your project team to help you analyze which of the best person is available for specific action in your company. It is free if cost.



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